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General Cancer Information & Support

American Cancer Society - Supports research, provides printed materials, educational programs and practical help for patients & their families. 1.800.ACS.2345 -

CancerCare, Inc. - Offers free support, information, financial assistance & practical help to cancer patients and their loved ones. 1.800.813.4673 -

Cancervive - Provides support group information, insurance information, assistance, advocacy and educational materials. 1.800.486.2873 -

National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Center - Provides information and resources for patients, the public and health care providers. 1.800.4 CANCER -

Gilda’s Club- Provides social and emotional support along with lectures, workshops, networking groups, children’s programs and networking groups. 1.888.445.3248 -

The Cancer Alliance- Provides support and financial resources to cancer patients. 1.561.748.7227

The Wellness Community - Offers stress reduction and education workshops, nutrition guidance, exercise sessions & social events. 1.888.793.9355-

Patient Advocacy

Lance Armstrong Foundation - Provides education and advocacy for those living with, through and beyond cancer. 1.512.236.7937 -

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship - Provides information and resources on cancer support, advocacy and quality-of-life issues. 1.877.622.7937-

Patient Advocate Foundation - Provides education, legal counseling and referrals concerning managed care, insurance, financial issues, job discrimination and debt crisis matters. 1.800.532.5274 –

Directory of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Patient Assistance Programs:

1.800.PMA.INFO or

Needy Meds: - A website of pharmaceutical companies who have special patient assistance programs. Patients can search this site for the particular drug (chemo or not) that they will be taking to see if there is an assistance program for that particular drug.

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